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Joshua Thomas, Principal | Phone: 702-857-1800

Idris Elba, Best Actor | Phone: 555-555-7890

I've been actively involved in commercial real estate for the past 15 years in Las Vegas. Prior to starting Cardo Realty, I spent 9 years at Juliet Companies ( and 4 years at American Nevada Company ( (ANC), with a short stint at Colliers International (and yes for those who know me, my photo is touched up - I look more awful in person. And yes, I'm currently the only peep at Cardo).


Both ANC and Juliet were/are heavily involved in ground up development and I helped oversee around 4 million SF of office, medical, grocery anchored retail, power centers, and flex industrial between the two. I handled primarily office, flex office/industrial and some grocery anchored retail in ANC's 2.5 million SF portfolio. At Juliet, I helped oversee their 1.5 million SF portfolio of primarily Target anchored shopping centers, some office and value add retail.


I began on the leasing side of things, and have negotiated approximately 1,000,000 SF of office, medical, retail, restaurant and a few industrial leases with a variety of national retailers, Fortune 500 companies, as well as the mom and pops. However, I enjoy most helping the mom and pops and entreprenuers - we need more of them.


I love to eat, so I have always liked restaurant deals and have a good grasp on what's needed to make a successful restaurant. Everything retail and office are my forte, although industrial deals aren't that tough (JK to all you industrial folks). 


I've also been involved in a number of land transactions around town, investment and otherwise. I credit my development background for being able to look at a piece of land or a value add property and have a good idea as to what can be done with it. In fact, I spent a good deal of time at Juliet analyizing and underwriting ground up development deals for grocery anchored retail, office, medical office, and one-off pad deals, as well as value add projects.


Being on the developer/landlord side of things for most of my career has given me insight to much more than the typical real estate broker. After scrutnizing many pages of lease documents, work letters, REA's, pro-forma's, CAM rec's, etc., you start to see the crucial things that most others may overlook (especially when it's outsourced to India). Not to mention the hands on experience of ownership and the highs and lows of the economy (and all the negotiating and tap dancing that came with that).


In short, Landlords - I've got you covered. Tenants, I'll show you all the little landlord secrets. If you just want to buy or sell, I'll give you my two cents from my developer/owner experience and we'll get the deal done. If you want to build or JV, let's talk.


And most importantly, if you want to eat, I know all of the good places in town! 


Ok, so Idris Elba doesn't really work for the company, but he is pretty awesome, I don't care who you are. Idris, I'm waiting for your call, buddy. Give me a shout when you are ready to come aboard!


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